Software for the Seed Sales Professional
The enterprise Seed Management System (eSMS) is a web application for tracking customer, sales and inventory information for dealers selling agricultural products.

Take a minute and ask yourself the following questions,
  • Are you providing your customers the service and support that you would like to?
  • Are you in need of a better way to track customer orders and provide your customers the products they need?
eSMS allows for collaboration between all sales people with the ability to share real-time information.

eSMS creates a consistent process for collecting customer order information and managing dealer inventory needs.

eSMS provides easy access to customer information including orders and plot data not only for dealers but their sales managers as well.

eSMS provides inventory information that can be tracked against physical inventory showing sales commitments and product shortages.

eSMS product hierarchy is completely configurable, allowing for multiple product lines which will support as many brands as needed.

eSMS product hierarchy allows for assigning traits to products and one-click GPOS reporting.

eSMS does not require any additional software to be installed and can be used on both PC and Mac®.

eSMS can be used on an iPad®, allowing for better customer service with easy access to accurate information at your finger tips.

eSMS was built with a Bottom Up Approach as the overall design concept.

We collect feedback from our users to determine new functionality that they need to stay current with the ever changing environment in the Seed Industry.